Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Lincoln Eagle to Go Online

I am delighted to announce that Mike Marnell, owner of The Lincoln Eagle, will take his Kingston, NY monthly paper online within the next few weeks. The Lincoln Eagle is written by its readers; he dispenses with America's failed journalism profession.  All a reader needs to do is submit a photo and write what he thinks. Who needs stuffed shirt elitists who know less than their readers?

The Lincoln Eagle is written by the people, of the people, and for the people. It is a credit to Marnell that he has made a success of a small scale print newspaper at a time when most newspapers are having problems at best. Mike's approach fits the Internet beautifully. His aim is have a Lincoln Eagle in every American city.

It is not a question whether The Lincoln Eagle will be a success. Rather, the question is how quickly Mike will succeed.

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Jackie Ryan said...

There has not been a woman elected to the Trial level for NYS Supreme Court Judge in the Third Judicial District in over 14 years!

This November Lisa Fisher is trying to change that.

She is running for Supreme Court Judge. Lisa is the most qualified candidate with over 20 years experience in all levels of the courts in N.Y. She has served as Assistant Public Defender in Ulster County, a Staff Attorney for Ulster County Department of Social Services, a Court Attorney for the Kingston City Court. She has maintained her own general practice for over 17 years and she was Assigned Counsel to Spanish speaking litigants, as she is fluent in spanish. All of this and she and her husband have adopted 3 beautiful children.

Lisa is the underdog as she is running on the Republican ticket though she has many of the same ideals as the Democratic party. She is trying to make people understand that this is no longer about party lines but about having a much needed woman Supreme Court Judge in our district.

When a woman, young person, or a person of a minority group stand trial they must go in front of a male Judge! Lisa Fisher is trying to add the diversity of having a woman.

Thank you,

Jackie Ryan