Friday, November 19, 2010

In US, Government Fails in Its Primary Task

It is laughable that the clowns who have failed with respect to running the court system aim to run a health care system. I have not verified these statistics. H/t Contrairimairi:
>These statistics were sent out by The ISRA:

>Out of every 100 prisoners with life sentences, 25 are freed within 3 years, and 42 are out within 7 years.

The average person acquitted for murder by reason of insanity spends less than 500 days in a mental hospital.

Those convicted of murder, 89% have previous criminal records.

Out of 100 crimes reported, only 4 criminals go to jail.

One out of every 12 women and one out of every 20 men will be stalked during their life.

One out of every four families will be victims of a serious crime like burglary, robbery, rape, or murder.

Less than 5% of the murders in Cook County, IL are prosecuted.

     In my own life, my B/F was murdered in a gas station hold-up. Just one week before he was murdered, the same two perpetrators nearly murdered his co-worker, who was still in the hospital recovering when my B/F was murdered. Those men served 7 years out of a 15 year sentence!
     Government and the police cannot protect us. Police are the first to admit, that in the seconds that you face the barrel of a perpetrator's gun, you will NOT even be able to phone them, much less have their protection.
     The statistics sent by ISRA are proof that if Americans are serious about fighting crime, it is time to strengthen, NOT weaken our Second Amendment rights. I am not sure how closely the ISRA's figures adjust to other parts of the Country, but our courts are corrupt, and criminals have far more freedom than law abiding citizens. They just ignore the law, and go about their business largely unmolested. I HOPE everyone is as enraged as I am about these stats, and that DOJ also becomes a MAJOR target of the Tea Parties.
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Mairi said...

The stats I quoted were from the Illinois State Rifle Association, or ISRA. I have to believe them, they are helping fight some major cases in favor of the Second Amendment. Lying would be to their great detriment. We know that when you are up against an evil, the name of their game is to discredit you........been there. It is always so rewarding to win that maneuver......but they do just keep on trying.