Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arizona's Clean Elections Law Is Dirty

Arizona's clean elections law subsidizes corruption, according to Mark Meranta and the Institute for Justice. Meranta writes:

>I hope everything has been going well for you. I wanted to let you know about our brief, but funny new video that exposes the "Clean Elections" system in Arizona (there are similar systems around the country as well) (see below). In a nutshell, this is what it entails:

>Imagine if Nancy Pelosi wanted to run for governor. If she decided to run as a "Clean Elections" candidate, every time her opponent would raise a certain amount of money from private donors, she would receive the same amount from taxpayers. That's right, publicly funded elections.

>This allows the government-subsidized candidate to “match” the spending—and thus the speech—of the independent group or privately funded candidate opposing him or her. The harder an independent group or traditionally financed candidate works, the more the government-subsidized candidate benefits. The system curbs speech, discourages participation and limits what voters will hear about politics.

>You can view the video here:

>If you would like some more background on the case, you can read the press release here:

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