Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Think Global, Act Local

I mailed about 650 Town of Olive Republican newsletters. As I mailed the newsletter, which announces a Town Republican Committee meeting, I have increasing concerns about the future of my involvement with the GOP, especially with respect to state-level and national-level candidates, i.e., for Senate, Governor and President.  I have been happy to support NY 22nd CD George Phillips, who is having a very nice $500 per plate fund raising dinner the same night as our Town meeting. 

I took myself off blog impresario Larwyn's mailing list, telling Larwyn that I do not want to associate further with GOP activists. I do not think that the GOP is different from the Democratic Party, and the American public continues to resist transformation of either or creation of a third and fourth party. 

I also told Raquel Okyay that I would not support her projected candidacy for state assembly further.  Besides being a Lazio supporter Okyay continues to support the policies of George W. Bush.  I consider Bush to be a fascist and a crook, and Lazio is no better.  Hence, I do not see the point of supporting Okyay in her strategizing about a candidacy.  I suggested that Okyay familiarize herself with basic books on freedom such as John Locke and Friedrich Hayek, but unsurprisingly she took no interest in doing so.  Rather she wrote the following response to my e-mail, which comes after hers:
Raquel: Mitchell -- You want to put all your eggs in the Paladino basket - go for it - You are no friend of mine.  You watched a man you don't know give two speeches and you are prepared to not just throw our friendship under the bus, but also do damage to my carreer!  What the f*ck is wrong with you Mitchell?  Wake up out of your dream - you just lost one of the best allies you had.    

Me: Sorry, Raquel.  I do not support Progressives.  I've already let Mike Marnell know my opinion that the Lincoln Eagle ought to oppose you if you run for office in this district.  George Bush is sc*m.  I cannot support someone who likes him, which you do.  You're a nice person, but that does not change the underlying issues.   George Bush has done tremendous harm to this country, and I put his supporters in the same category as Obama's supporters.  To me, you are equivalent to Rahm Emanuel. That you do not see the difference between Paladino and Lazio only adds further support for my assessment that your political views are opposed to freedom.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to do some reading, because you are not educated about freedom.  And I don't mean the New York Times, which agrees with you about Lazio.  I mean John Locke, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich von Hayek, Bertrand de Jouvenal and the Federalist Papers.

Raquel: Mitchell I'm shocked!! We can disagree in a primary race, can't we?  Why does Paladino do this to people, I don't get it?  Did we even support the same GOP candidate for President in 08, Mitchell?  Did it matter?  You may have saw Paladino speak a couple of times, but you know me for years.  I expect this from amateurs, not from old friends like you.

Me: I have heard Carl speak twice and he has emphasized the following issues: excessive welfare spending and cutting the state budget by 20%. No Republican has such a focus, certainly not Rick Lazio who was involved in the biggest expansion of government in the past 25 years, the corrupt bailout of Wall Street conceptualized by the Republican Party and George W. Bush.

I think it is clear, Raquel, that we have little common ground. You continue to support big government advocates like George Bush and Rick Lazio and, like your fellow Progressives in the Republican Party, are troubled by Mr. Paladino's focus on 20% budget cuts, which you attempt to deflect with an out of context quote about welfare recipients in jail. Afraid of going to jail, are you? In any case, please do not consider me a supporter of anything you have in mind for the future. I do not like Progressives.

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