Sunday, September 5, 2010

Redlich or Republicans for Cuomo (if Paladino Loses)?

If Carl Paladino loses the GOP primary I see three options:

1. Stand down and don't vote for Governor at all
2. Support Warren Redlich, Libertarian Party candidate for governor
3. Join the ranks of Republicans for Cuomo.

Although I do not like Cuomo, in fact I view him as equaling Lazio, I think it is important for the GOP to stop supporting candidates who talk out of both sides of their mouths.  Lazio was a paid lobbyist for JP Morgan. But any candidate I support would be thinking about ways of reducing special interests' excessive capture of government. I am puzzled how Lazio could possibly resist providing largess to special interests when he has lobbied for it professionally.  As well, the bailout of the banking industry in 2008 was the worst government policy of the past 25 years, yet Lazio was deeply involved in it.  Hence, it is difficult to see how he would support policies that are antagonistic to big government given that such expansion has largely been to his own benefit.

Lazio's written policy positions are meaningless because the Republicans have repeatedly claimed to be for smaller government and then expanded government.  The policy positions of someone like Lazio have the same weight as the e-mails from Nigeria offering to deposit $10 million in your bank account if you give them the id number.    Even big government waster George W. Bush did not say that he was for big government.  Rather, he claimed to be for "compassionate conservatism" before passing a massive subsidy to the pharmaceutical industry and advocating increasing restrictions on civil liberties.

The Libertarian candidate, Warren Redlich, posts a piece about Republicans for Cuomo on his blog. Philosophically I agree with Redlich, and do not see a vote for a minor party as throwing one's vote away if there is no viable alternative.  But a message needs to be sent to the pathetic New York GOP this year that (a) the bailout was unacceptable; (b) the pattern of Republicans claiming to be for smaller government when they are not is unacceptable; and (c) the in-grown old boy network of Alfonse D'Amato and George Pataki has to be brought down.

Of course, there is still a chance that Paladino, who is outside of New York's pathetic GOP establishment, can still win.  Otherwise, it will be a tough choice between Redlich and Cuomo.

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