Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now There Are Two Rats in the White House

The Brutally Honest Blog (h/t Rick) has posted this photo.  Look at the rat on the lower right hand corner.  How condign.  Now there are two rats, the big one behind the podium and the small one scurrying on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Funny pic, however that's not a rat, it's a mole. So its safe to say the Rat in the White House has a mole in the white House! i.e. Service Employees International Union President Andrew Stern. He holds the top number on the logs for visitors at the White House, where he’s listed for 22 visits. LOOK AT ANDREW RUN!

Doug Plumb said...

I think its maybe a weasel and a mole. (that does look like a mole on step)

The weasel has the particular characteristic of lining its nest with the fur from its prey. Supposedly it will kill for only this reason. This is why the name so accurately describes members of the BAR, of which Obama is one, I am sure, since he is a legal scholar.