Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anthony Weiner Is a Shady No Goodnik

I'm ticked that  a shady congressman, Anthony Weiner, has been making noises about proposing legal action against Glenn Beck because Beck advocates holding gold.  I don't know about the particular firm that  Beck advertises, but however dishonest it is, its dishonesty pales next to the corruption of Anthony Weiner, his fellow crooks in Congress and their brainchild, the Federal Reserve Bank.  I wrote Anthony this brief letter:

Dear Tony:

Your attack on Glenn Beck is misguided. The biggest racketeers in the United States today are the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Congress. By creating three times the 2008 level of reserves the Fed has monetized every corrupt, incompetent practice of Wall Stret and the US Congress, including you.

I would add to it that the New York Times and the rest of the Democratic Party's PR organization, NPR, CNN and the rest, lied to the American public on behalf of their owners on Wall Street and told them to buy and hold stocks at inflated prices for years.

You might consider that the Democratic Party media has been engaged in fraud for the past three decades, and since the abolition of the gold standard the US economy has largely become a casino steeped in corruption.

But instead of advocating a gold standard and an end to Wall Street's corrupt domination of the American economy via the Fed, you choose to kick at Glenn Beck.

Tony, you are a low breed of human being. Count me out. I don't want to live in a country that calls scum like you "honorable."


Mitchell Langbert

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