Friday, May 21, 2010

EU Can Learn from South Carolina

Ron Holland has another excellent blog on the Lew Rockwell site.  Holland starts by noting:

"The state of South Carolina has been an independent republic and nation twice in history, first in March of 1776 and again in December of 1860. History here certainly shows how it is far easier to get into a political union than to get out again. In South Carolina, we have found that once in a voluntary union, the open door slams shut as political and monetary elites who benefit from this arrangement seldom give up their power to tax, inflate the currency, protect special interest monopoly rights and engage in mercantilism without fighting to retain their distant dictatorial controls."

Holland notes that just as the Civil War forced the South to be subjugated to the whims of the Federal Reserve Bank that was established 50 years later, so the European elite aims to force all of Europe to be subject to coercive, centralized banks and failed government institutions. 

The solution to today's economic failures is DECENTRALIZATION, not centralization. Holland posts several wonderful quotes from Benjamin Franklin and Walter Williams.  As he points out, the best run country in Europe, Switzerland, is a small country that itself is decentralized.  Why aren't the Europeans emulating them instead of the failed federal government of the USA?

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