Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama Outsources the Presidency

Doug Ross's Larwyn's Lynx (see icon to right) carries a piece by Frank Miehle of northwest Montana's Daily Inter Lake in which Miehle argues that Obama's aim has been to radically transform America in a globalist and fascistic direction. Miehle writes:

>"With little fanfare and virtually no explanation, President Obama issued an executive order on Dec. 17 granting Interpol, the international police force, full diplomatic immunity to operate in the United States without accountability to our laws and courts. Why would he do so?...

>"Then there was the attempted Christmas Day bombing incident aboard a jet bound for Detroit. We discovered, as a result of the Justice Department’s handling of this case, that foreign combatants have the right to remain silent...

>"This month, it was announced that the president had signed another executive order creating yet another “new idea” in governance. This one has gotten very little attention. According to the official press release on Jan. 11, “The President today signed an Executive Order establishing a Council of Governors to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments to protect our Nation against all types of hazards. When appointed, the Council will be reviewing such matters as involving the National Guard..."

Obama's position that there needs to be a brown shirt-style civilian para-military force is familiar. To understand this and the internationalist proposals we need to refer to the liberal (in the Enlightenment sense) philosopher Karl Popper. Popper argued that totalitarian socialism, in both its left wing (communist) and right wing (Nazi) forms is a reversion to tribalism. In other words, socialism is profoundly conservative and reactionary. In comparison, most members of the Tea Parties, whose ideas derive from the 17th and 18th centuries, are radicals. The first intellectual tribalist reactionary was, in Popper's view, Plato. He was reacting to the rule of law, democracy and freedom that the Athenians had created and resulted in the creation of western civilization. The most recent is, of course, Obama and his brown shirt-style youth cult. In the first month of the Obama presidency his aide, Rahm Emanuel, was talking about adoption of compulsory youth service, much like the Red Guard under Mao.

Obama is part of the tribalist camp. Today's tribalists argue not for a forgotten, pre-historic past that Plato remembered in part because nearby Sparta had retained many of the socialist elements of tribalism, but for a reconstituted medieval world order which they term "progressive". The medieval world order retained elements of the primitive tribalism because it reflected barbarians' conquest of the Roman empire, which had retained some elements of the Athenian culture. The barbarians envied Rome but were largely illiterate. They did their best to copy Rome (the Habsburgs called their core holdings "the holy Roman Empire", for example) but inevitably re-instituted elements of the tribalism that they had continued to practice. This included the common field. Each member of the medieval social order had an appropriate place under feudalism, and in many instances serfdom. Those who did not fit, like Jews, might be tolerated and harassed, but were mostly on the fringes. Crucial to the medieval world order was the world government, the Church, which oversaw welfare programs in each locality through local parishes.

In the Occident there were three major world governments, all of which were associated with religion: the eastern Christianity of Greece and Turkey (then Constantinople); the Islamic world; and western Christianity. Today's tribalists aim to replace the religious world government of medieval times with a secular humanist world government governed by financial power and a university-based priesthood.

Bob Robbins forwarded the above cartoon that appeared on Steady John's Steady Habits blog. Lockean liberals need to redouble their efforts to forestall Obama's socialist reaction. This will be a pitched battle for three more years. We need to destabilize the administration until the forces of freedom can triumph.

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