Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Evidence of Dis-United States: Pro-Obama Brownshirts Attack Orly Taitz

As I have previously blogged, the Obama cult aims to claim that Americans have united behind their hero. But the nation has never been less united. New evidence arises from pro-Obama brownshirts who have been attacking Dr. Orly Taitz because of her efforts to discover the facts concerning Mr. Obama's place of birth. Taitz writes via e-mail:

"In the attachment is a letter from the Supreme Court verifying that I am licensed as an attorney with the Supreme Court of the United States, the highest court in the land. This is appalling that Obama thugs keep attacking me personally, including postings on the blogs, describing me nearly as a prostitute, just to hurt my children and my family, even though I am a married woman, mother to 3 sons, a licensed Dr. and ESQ, with a record of being a devoted member of the community and a PTA volunteer for over 10 years, a former board member of the South Orange County School for the Arts at Dana Point and a former vice-president of my community home owners association. Obama and his thugs need to address the real problems: massive fraud and obfuscation of records perpetrated by him, as well as expert opinions of forgery in his documents, perjury, numerous social security numbers attached to 100 of his addresses and 130 current job positions that were uncovered in reputable National databases. Each and every member of our law enforcement and judiciary has a duty to uphold our constitution and investigate and prosecute these suspected crimes

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Anonymous said...

Taitz's own webmaster/webhost said Taitz was a liar in her claims to the FBI that Obama people hacked her site. No hacking ever happened said the webmaster. Taitz would not retract the lies so she was booted from her web host. Read "Understanding the Internet 101. What happened to Dr. Orly Taitz's Blog?" by that webmaster to see this is what happened and the depths of Taitz's mental instability.