Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Howard S. Katz showed me a confidential e-mail from Bart Kitner, president of Kitco, who has invited Katz back to the site as a contributor. Kitco's Daniela Carbone, likely a product of politically correct educational systems, banned Katz from writing for Kitco's gold commentaries for saying on his personal blog that he opposes gay marriage. Katz is a longtime gold investor (dating back to the '60s--I first met him in 1978) and he has a lot to offer in the way of advice about gold and commodity investing. He has beaten the S&P indexes since '99 when he started keeping track. Kitco is a fine gold site and has corrected its inadvertent misstep.

The public outcry in response to my blog and Katz's articles on some of the other gold sites was gratifying. Several of my friends, associates and readers called Kitco, as did several of Katz's readers.

This illustrates the growing power of the Net to confront the gay-dominated easy money community. Homosexual investment bankers will no longer silence gold investors.

As well, this illustrates the potential public power that can be awakened by the "tea parties" that have recently sprung up. I believe that true Americans have lain dormant for too long, seeing their country stolen by rapacious government, special interest looters, big business crooks and homosexual investment bankers who have manipulated the state so that hard working Americans have to pay 50% of their incomes to incompetent government tyrannies.

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