Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chinese Buy Gold

The gold market had looked bearish for the past couple of weeks and gold seemed to be breaking through support, but Bloomberg reports that the more recent spurt of price increase is due to Chinese buying. In other words, the Chinese central bank aims to hold gold. It currently has almost $2 trillion in foreign currency reserves. If it follows Russia and builds a 10% reserve holding, gold will be the winner and the dollar will be the loser.

There could be longer term repercussions as to the Chinese acquisition of gold. Why stop at 10%? There is no reason to trust the Fed or the dollar, and the American republic is running out of steam. This is due to self indulgence and corruption among American elites. Wall Street will not permit slow monetary growth, and foreign dollar holders will lose. If the Chinese are smart, they will convert all of their dollar holdings into gold.

Americans should think in terms of pressuring their Congressmen to repeal the legal tender laws that were passed during the Civil War. There is no reason why Federal Reserve monopoly money should be mandatory or "legal tender". There should be a free market in money. The Fed does not represent the public. Why should the public be forced to accept their garbage notes?

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