Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obama's Corrosive Communitarian 'Service' for Students

Candace de Russy, renowned national media critic, has an excellent article in the December 4 PajamasMedia on President-elect Obama's neo-totalitarian plan for national community service. Mr. Obama has proposed a $4,000 tuition tax credit for students who volunteer. De Russy argues that:

"Obama’s plan would share with socialism and Marxism a communitarian, anti-individualistic outlook and social agenda. This philosophy is inimical to that individualism which is rooted in the Judeo-Christian emphasis on the moral primacy of the person, not the group, and which has been the historic cornerstone of American freedom and prosperity."

Hear, hear. De Russy adds that service learning debases liberal arts education. As well, the plan amounts to an iron fist of ideological brainwashing inside the squishy glove of intellectually vacuous pap. Service learning and community service aim to psychologically indoctrinate our young people and turn them into mindless state-controlled automatons.


Ted said...

Seems the Supreme Court is waiting to hear from me before issuing a decision on Donofrio, so here goes: While the Court is more than loathe to enter this dispute, currently it has no choice (thanks to the audacious one — and I don’t mean Leo, I mean Barack) and the ONLY WAY to bring closure, knowing CLOSURE IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL before any Presidential inauguration, is to back the original intent of the Constitution, meaning, Obama is NOT an Article II “natural born citizen” (albeit Obama may or may not be a “citizen”, a question heated by the steadfast refusal of the DNC or any of the Secretaries of State to require his birth certificate, which the Court will now not have to confront).

Stop Common Purpose said...

Barack Obama is a Communitarian, although you will not have heard him use the term during his election campaign. Americans will get a shock when the truth of his hidden agenda becomes known and they find out his real intentions. Bear in mind that Obama is simply a front-man for the New World Order Communitarians.

Communitarians want to create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state.

More about this evil and dictatorial philosophy here: Common Purpose and Communitarian philosophy

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for a long time called work study programs in college and already in high schools with no compensation but graduation.

Anonymous said...

Anything Obama is involved in will never be close to my children. His life and his past associates I have always guarded my children from and it will not change when they are older.

And Obama's birth to adult school for indoctrination makes me seriously ill. I bet Obama wants Ayers to run that one.