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Indian Commandos May Have Killed Some Chabad Hostages

Dan Friedman sent me this tragic Jerusalem Post story.

Nov. 30, 2008


Col. Yossi Turgeman, IDF attaché to India, said that the two Israelis announced missing by the Foreign Ministry were not among the dead, Army Radio reported on Sunday evening.

Israelis murdered in Mumbai Chabad House to be laid to rest in Israel on Monday

Therefore, Turgeman assessed that the missing Israelis were not killed in the Mumbai terror attacks.

Earlier on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry announced that the number of Israelis unaccounted for in Mumbai had dropped to two, after contact was made with two Israelis thought to be missing.

The Indian commando raid launched to save the lives of Jewish and Israeli hostages at Mumbai's Chabad House may have inadvertently ended the lives of one or more of the hostages, the head of a six-man ZAKA team in the terror-stricken Indian city told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Speaking by phone from Mumbai, Haim Weingarten, the head of the Mumbai ZAKA team, said, "Based on what I saw, [although] I can't identify the type of bullets in the bodies [of the victims], I don't think the terrorists killed all the hostages, to put it gently."

All six Jewish and Israeli hostages found dead in the Chabad House were killed by either gunshot wounds or shrapnel from grenade blasts, or both, Weingarten said, adding that he didn't know who threw or fired the grenades that wounded the hostages.

Although he lacked forensic tools to determine time of death, Weingarten said his team's observations led him to believe that "some of the hostages were killed on Wednesday [when gunmen first entered the building], some on Thursday, and some on Friday morning [during the start of the commando raid]."

After a prolonged delay, an air force transport plane carrying Israel Police forensics experts and a second ZAKA team took off for Mumbai on Sunday evening. A ZAKA source told the Post the plane would probably return to Israel with the bodies of the hostages on Monday night.

ZAKA officials believe that in a final act of love, the director of the Chabad House, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, wrapped the body of his wife Rivka in a tallit before succumbing to his own wounds during the final hours of the siege.

Read the whole thing here.

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Anonymous said...

From Mumbai to Minneapolis, WHY it WILL happen here
By Doug Hagmann Monday, December 1, 2008

I hope everyone takes a really deep, hard look at what happened last week in Mumbai, India, and at the terrorists who perpetrated the attack. And I hope this is done quickly, with a high degree of intellectual honesty and without the encumbrance of political correctness. The safety of every American, Canadian, Australian, and all Westerners, in fact depends on it, as does the security of our respective nations.

If recent history provides us any insight, however, we will fall woefully short in our official analysis of this event, and fail to learn the lessons of Mumbai.

We’ve already demonstrated this pattern of failure in the many instances since 2001. Although there is enough blame to go around, I will place special blame squarely at the feet of a select few: members within our current administration, who have succumbed to the pressures and influences of such special interest groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations to needlessly convolute the facts about Islamic terrorism; the corporate media, for their failure to call an Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist; some nationally syndicated political right-wing talk radio show hosts who have a platform and vast audience, but fail to use their programs to provide you with the whole truth, and many of you, who strive to be so liberal and open minded that quite simply, your brains spill to the floor.

Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn wrote last Friday that Mumbai could happen just about anywhere. He’s correct, and be forewarned, it will happen in America. It will happen in Canada. It will happen in Australia and just about any Western country you can name.

I have the ability, authority and have earned the right to make such a statement because I’ve personally investigated potential terrorists who are in this country that appear to be training for just such scenarios. I’ve published my investigative findings, complete with photographs, only to be called an alarmist, racist, bigoted, and religiously intolerant. I’ve seen my findings skewed by the media, who complain that they cannot find corroborating witnesses as they point cameras and shine lights on sources that fear for their safety. And I’ve garnered the wrath of a top Pakistani terror kingpin for exposing the activities of his followers here in the U.S. and Canada.

My investigative findings into one such Pakistani terrorist group, (Pakistan now suddenly being important, considering all of the dead bodies in Mumbai) Jamaat ul Fuqra, have been cited by the Regional Organized Crime Information Center in their 2006 special research report. Prolific author and researcher of Islamic terrorism, Dr. Paul Williams, devoted nearly an entire chapter to my findings in his recent book The Day of Islam.

Despite the evidence presented, there is an incredible disconnect from reality by otherwise rational and reasonable individuals, people in leadership, and some at higher levels in our own law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Why else would one treat with sickening malaise the existence of a bullet-ridden school bus situated on the grounds of a private Islamic commune located at the base of the Catskill Mountains in New York State? This would be the same Islamic compound “of Qu’ranic study” that is outfitted with a firing range, where area residents often hear the sounds of automatic and semi-automatic weapons fire.

How was this group dealt with by local community leaders? Not with the slightest scintilla of suspicion or even curiosity, but with a parade. An actual parade, through the streets of Binghamton, NY, to celebrate interfaith dialogue. What about law enforcement? Well, they consider this commune “good residents,” mostly because they have not had to respond to any “trouble calls” to that location.

The fact is this: there are well armed Muslim men and young boys who are training for urban combat terrorist scenarios inside the United States and Canada, as India continues the process of identifying their dead. I have seen them, and have documented their activities.

They don’t wear nametags that identify them with any particular Islamic terrorist organization, and are not limited to groups like LeT and Jamaat ul Fuqra, but make no mistake: they all adhere to the same philosophy and ideology taught by fundamentalist Islam, and their training is derived directly from the texts, manuals, and videos authored and published by al Qaeda.

Such groups here are well funded, in many cases by receiving money from Saudi Arabia through mosques and Islamic Centers. In cases like Jamaat ul Fuqra, they establish charities, and send their money to top terrorist leader Sheikh Mubarek ali Gilani, who in turn uses those funds to recruit, equip and expand his terrorist network.

Westerners in general, and Americans specifically have a serious case of memory deficit disorder. This disorder will continue until the hallways of the Waldorf Astoria in New York, and the concourses at the Mall of America, for example, run with the blood of innocent men, women and children who have died because we have failed properly and unapologetically deal with the threat of Islamic terrorism within this country.

For economic and political reasons, we are being lied to every day about the actual threat level that exists in this country and in Canada. And without asking even the most basic questions, the major media in this country perpetuate the lies of those in leadership who successfully hoodwink the masses by the carefully constructed use of catch-phrases like “no specific threat,” unsubstantiated threat, “no specific intelligence,” and my personal favorite, “no connection to terrorism” to nauseating extremes.

Now, the war in which we are engaged is being moved from the battlefield and relegated to U.S. courtrooms. This tactic started long before the Bush administration, but one that received his active support. It’s disingenuous and even silly to think that we can fight a war through our court system and expect to win. This has been demonstrated on numerous occasions since 9/11, and in a number of significant previous instances

Now, it looks like we are about to turn our country over to “President-elect Barrack Hussein Obama,” a man who has unprecedented terrorist connections himself, and who has the full backing and support of numerous Muslim organizations that tacitly, if not actively condone the actions of Islamic terrorists. A mere seven years after the worst attacks on U.S. soil, Americans have chosen a man who might not even be eligible to serve as President. Since August, Obama has spent nearly one million dollars fighting at least 17 lawsuits to keep a single piece of paper – his birth certificate – under wraps.

One of his legal point men fighting at least one of the lawsuits also happens to be a lawyer for (and active member of) the aforementioned Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group having a very special hand in formulating federal, state and local law enforcement policies, with the grace of our current administration. Coincidence? I think not.

To hell with the U.S. Constitution in that case, apparently. It only applies to the constitutional rights of Islamic terrorists, not the political elite. Apply constitutional requirements to the treatment of the Islamic terrorists who have killed, and want to kill us here in America, but dare not apply the requirements of that document to the manufactured “messiah.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Obama will be the man selected to inherit the already fatally flawed war doctrine of the Bush administration and either by accident or design, will further endanger our national security, and the safety and security of every man, woman and child of the West.

Instead of a local parade celebrating interfaith dialogue on Main Street in Binghamton, NY, you can now expect one to be held on Pennsylvania Avenue. Instead of war prisoners being held in war prisons and tried as war criminals, you can now expect them to be thrust into the already overburdened criminal justice system.

There is something else you can expect, too. Expect to experience the carnage of Mumbai on any street in America, Canada, or Australia.

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Douglas Hagmann, founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.

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