Friday, December 12, 2008

Jim Crum Refutes "Diogenes"

I just received this e-mail from Chicagoan Jim Crum:

>Kindly forward to your friend "Diogenes".

It states quite well what so many, and I mean very many, of us here in IL have been shouting from day one. There are no virgin births in Chicago politics and Mr. Obama and his advisors are all the well funded products of the corrupt culture. Removing G-Rod will change very little, trust us on this one.


Our citizens here could go on and on, and on...

I will add nothing else as what is stated below has a perfect economy of language.


>"So, do the rest of you now have some idea of the depth of corruption in Chicago and Illinois, and why some of us were so concerned about electing a president who emerges from this cesspool?" --columnist Dennis Byrne

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