Friday, December 12, 2008

Andy Martin Tells of Sewage on the Chicago-DC Aquaduct

I just received this e-mail from Andy Martin:

(CHICAGO)(December 12, 2008) "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" Election Day/matinee star Barry Obama is coming to the silver screen in a new role starring as "Captain Barack Hussein Renaud," the Prefect of Police in Chicago who is "appalled" by the discovery of corruption in his home city. "I am shocked, shocked, to learn that there's corruption going on in Chicago," is one of Obama's signature lines in the remake of the World war II love story "Casablanca."

Just as Claude Raines, starring as Inspector Renaud, feigns "shock" at the discovery of gambling in the original film, while carrying off his winnings, Barry Obama will feign that he is "appalled" by the corruption in the casino that has been his base of political power for over a decade, while carrying off his winnings for being part of Chicago's corrupt political culture.

Obama who claims he could not pay his credit card bills eight years ago, has become rich enough to refuse his U. S. Senate salary, all as a result of his participation in the corrupt politics of his "home" town.

In a stirring scene with breathtaking beauty, "We'll always have Hawai'i," Obama tearfully abandons the corruption of Honolulu for the venality of Chicago as outrigger canoes carry "Barry O" to a waiting pirate galleon en route to OccidentalCollege. Unbeknownst to Obama, Andy Martin is an undercover corruption fighter on the ship "Chicago's Fortune."

The Chicago Tribune protested when Senator John McCain broadcast ads highlighting corruption in Chicago." says Andy Martin. "If McCain had not been such an incompetent idiot, he would be heading to the White House today. McCain had the issues; he was too ham-handed to use them.

"Barack Obama has claimed he is 'appalled' at the corruption in Chicago. He cites three 'selfless' public servants; two are long dead and the third, Dick Durbin, is a crook who uses his wife as a 'bag man' lobbyist.

"If Dick Durbin is Obama's prime example of living integrity, we better "fasten our seat belts" as we include a scene in Chicagoblanca loosely based on "All About Eve."

Who is this man Barry Obama, soon to be Barack Hussein Obama, kidding? If he didn't know there is corruption in Chicago, and that Blagojevich was a crook, he is too incompetent to serve as one of Blagojevich's toll collectors on the Illinois Tollway, let alone as president of the United States.

Does George Bush know about Obama's lack of intelligence? Bush has refused to allow Obama to move into Blair House early. Maybe GWB should reconsider. Obama is a stranger to Washington, having barely visited the place. 'Bama might miss the inaugural parade if it doesn't march past him at Blair House.

"I invite any sentient being to 'Google' Obama + 'Illinois corruption' and see how many times Obama has denounced corruption or the Daley Machine. On the contrary, BHO has regularly endorsed the politics of sleaze, from African-American neighborhoods plundered by Obama's sponsor Tony Rezko right down to the kleptocracy of Richard Daley's City Hall. Obama has been an integral part of corrupt politics in Illinois. Period. He should be 'appalled' at himself, not Blagojevich.
"My book, 'Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,' is a 'Chicago story' retelling the history of Obama's long-time links to organized political corruption in Chicago. Obama has coexisted comfortably in the 'iron triangle' of Chicago politics," Martin says.,0,7674669.column
Andy Martin will also play a starring role in "Chicagoblanca" as a cynical cafe owner and political reformer who ends up in Chicago but refuses to run off with the girl he loved in Honolulu. Instead, Andy runs off with Barry Soetero Obama, to Indonesia, where they set up a "Café Chicago" and make a killing selling booze to Muslims.

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