Friday, December 12, 2008

From Freedom to Fascism

Contrairimairi has forwarded the following 11-part Youtube video sequence by Aaron Russo. The one point I disagree with is that toward the end Russo seems to advocate governmental money creation. I don't think that would work. There needs to be a metallic standard. The Federal Reserve Bank is a barbaric relic, and the incompetence of economists to run the monetary system has firmly demonstrated a commodity based standard, gold or silver, is necessary.

The video argues that the 16th amendment was never approved by the necessary number of states. It has some excellent quotes of Woodrow Wilson. There is no law requiring the filing of income tax returns.

During his presidency, opponents of President Bill Clinton were singled out for tax audits. The federal government uses illegal force to require payment of income tax. Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the IRS does not need to obey the law. The court system has gotten out of hand, and perhaps it is time to begin to resist the courts directly. Education is paid through property tax. Highways are paid for through gasoline tax. The corporate income tax pays for defense. The income tax is an instrument of totalitarianism and a method of control by which slow witted Congressmen manipulated by economic special interests reallocate wealth to those same economic special interests.

Interest payments on federal debt and government waste account for 100% of the federal income tax. The IRS refuses to respond to requests for documentation as to where it gets the authority to tax. "What if it's our own government we need to be afraid of?"

The Constitution says that direct taxes must be apportioned. All indirect taxes must be uniform throughout the states. The income tax is neither direct nor indirect. The Supreme Court held that the 16th Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation. In 1894 the Supreme Court held the income tax was unconstitutional. In 1913 the Supreme Court said that the 16th amendment conferred no new power of taxation. Therefore, the federal income tax is unconstitutional. There is no legal requirement for the average American to pay the income tax.

The government is involved in judicial blackmail. The IRS is a racketeering organization that imposes an illegal tax. The Internal Revenue Code enslaves the nation that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution freed.

The Internal Revenue Code says "compliance" is "voluntary". The government requires the form 1040, yet the Fifth Amendment says that the government cannot mandate self-incrimination. Yet, the government uses the form 1040 against the filer. The definition of income is gain. Labor is private property. The 16th Amendment did not extend Congress's taxing power. Former IRS commissioners do not show the law that requires payment of the income tax. Congress has failed to obey the law. Sheldon Cohen does not seem responsive. Sheldon Cohen says that Supreme Court decisions and the Constitution do not apply to the IRS. The IRS is a criminal protection racket.

The Constitution prohibits a direct, unapportioned tax on wages. Income taxes are taxes on profits and gains, not labor and wages.

The IRS and its supporters resort to defamation and insults in arguing with tax protestors. Law suits against the thuggish IRS and the criminal government it funds have been successful. Irwin Schiff's trial was a mockery, little more than a kangaroo court. No one should ever convict anyone of non-paymentof taxes. The IRS taxed Joe Louis on the money he donated to the US government.

IRS agents behave like storm troopers, attacking a restaurateur. The restaurateur was never charged, but the IRS wrecked his business based on false allegations. The IRS forced the restaurateur's family into bankruptcy. How did America stop being a free country?

The same people who backed the Federal Reserve system also backed the income tax. Why would the government borrow money when it can print money? The Democrats and Republicans are organized crime.

The Federal Reserve has converted America from a nation of freeholders to a nation of employees who are almost serfs. Americans have become serfs to the debt machine.

The Federal Reserve is illegal. Creating money out of thin air will destroy the money supply. The Federal Reserve is not audited and Congress fails to exercise intelligent oversight. The Federal Reserve is a swindle. The Fed has taken possession of Fort Knox gold (I'm not sure of that). America is becoming a police state. Today, you can't open a business, develop land, go to the doctor or whatever without interference from government thugs. Under President Bush's executive orders, you can be jailed without any court protection.

The government is using the right of eminent domain to steal property. Increasingly, the government ignores property rights in favor of fascistic government confiscation and violence. RFID chips transmit information and can be implanted in people as well as ID cards. There will be a massive data base identifying who buys what.

Software facilitates election fraud. America's domestic policy is run by the Fed and the international policy is run by the IMF. "A world system of financial control in private hands." The war on terrorism is a pretext for international finance's interest in international control.

David Rockefeller thanks the mass media for lying on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations. Rockefeller advocates rule by an intellectual elite and international bankers. Fascism is the merger of corporate power and the state. The media supports this process.

"Will you choose freedom or slavery?" "Stop living in your fear of government." Call for civil disobedience. Revolutionary, anti-statist actions need to commence. Only vote for candidates who have signed an affidavit to shut down the Federal Reserve system and stop world government."

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