Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peoples' Passion Calls For Obama to Stand Up or Step Down

I just received this e-mail from Peoples' Passions

>A Call for Barack to Stand Up or Step Down!

What happened to these lawsuits and where are they going next?

URGENT Call for Action by Citizens to work with Electors! (What can I do?)
URGENT Call for Action by Citizens to Petition Congress! (What can I do?)
URGENT Call for Action by Electors ONLY to Petition Congress!

Peoples Voice is involved in resolving definitively the Citizenship question that has dogged the Obama Campaign. Since Mr. Obama has refused or is unable to demonstrate any documentation proving his actual place of birth, I launched a lawsuit against the Washington Secretary of State for dereliction of duty. This call to action began spreading like a prairie fire with similar lawsuits popping up across the nation. More lawsuits demanding answers to these simple questions are being filed as each day goes by approaching the election and beyond. Now, why would I or anyone else put themselves through that! I can tell you I have no love lost for Hillary, but I would never think to challenge her in court. She is unquestionably a US citizen - Natural born.

Obama, however, in an enigma, a man without a past who wears a mask, No one has ever seen even a copy of his birth certificate (the one with the hospital, city, doctor - you know like the one we all have) His past is peppered with intrigue from the foreign money college loans, hidden college records, papers and associates and especially his lengthy involvement with the terrorist Ayres. He hasn't even made a full discloser of his medical records. His recent visits and connections with relatives who are communist organizers responsible for the bloody anti Christian takeover in Kenya are especially troubling. The constitution requires the President to be natural born to avoid possible personal entanglements in foreign lands. Who is Obama?
For a Man without a Past
He sure wants a say in our Future

Posted by Steve Marquis on Nov 6th 2008
Press Releases: Latest to Earliest

Posted by Steve Marquis on November 3, 2008

1. Press Releases 11/03/08 CT heard at Supreme Court and CA Superior Court challenging Barack.
2. Press Releases 10/31/08 VP Candidate to file law suit; electors to file law suit, citizens file suit.
3. Press Releases 10/29/08 Citizen Files Lawsuit Against Texas State Secretary of State
4. Press Releases 10/22/08 Lawsuits being filed in Eight States Demanding Obama's Birth Certificate
5. Press Releases 08/10/08 Averting a Crisis in Confidence

Library being Created to Host Presidential Certificates of Birth and Candidate Declarations of Qualifications รข€“ Stay tuned

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