Sunday, November 9, 2008

How To Contact Your Electors Re Birth Certificate

Two websites has been set up to facilitate contact of presidential electors regarding the birth certificate here and here. I'm interested in learning how to contact the electors for the states not listed.

The sites are:

Julie writes:

I think to keep the cause "active" and to keep people engaged, a social networking group which includes all of the above may be a better idea. I took the liberty of creating a social networking group which will allow volunteers in each state to form a group and share information, ideas, news, updates, etc. I have already created "State Elector Action" groups for each state. Here group members can chat live and share documents,progress, etc., which may cut down on emails and people not knowing what to do. The social networking site also has a comment/posting notification system, so when an update is posted or a comment is made, the member will receive an email notification. I will include some articles and news stories soon, but i believe that it is the type of site that is more interactive and hopefully it will get more people involved and keep them engaged.

This does not take away from the effort that has already been made with the forum that was created. It is just a very different format that I think will encourage people to post, blog and share ideas.
The site is: Please take a look at it.

Also, please pass this information on to all those that have volunteered that were not on my email list so we can spread the word about the site.

Doug writes:

Our website is at Do I have your permission to share your contact info with the state coordinator?

Thanks for standing up for the Constitution,


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