Monday, November 10, 2008

Decline and Fall of the United States

Chuck Gengler, my colleague from my years at Clarkson University (1991-3) and now at Baruch College (which, like Brooklyn College, is a part of CUNY, so Chuck is still my colleague) just wrote me:

>...the speed of decline is accelerating, a snowball-like effect. The government has become corrupt, so we will make bigger government and it will be more corrupt. First will come an aggressive move to "regulate" the right to own firearms, then comes the massive confiscation of property for "redistribution." It is quite amazing how prophetic both Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged are at this juncture (not to mention the low-brow but accurate movie I mentioned before).

Some say this is like when Carter was in office, but I say far from it. This government will be far more militant. I frankly have trouble believing the words I see coming from Pelosi and Reid.

By the way, Bush and congress together took away a lot of our rights the last 7 years...have you heard any of these great "liberals" talking about returning those rights? It never even came up as a campaign issue. No matter what party is elected in the future, they seem to always take away more freedom and never give it back---because that would be giving up power and they are addicted to power.

Chuck is one of a small minority of perceptive and sane people in higher education. Unfortunately, the minority is small. Very small.

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