Monday, September 15, 2008

New York Huckabee Supporters Helping Obama Slide

Pinni is my former student who also happens to be the head of the Federalist Society at Cardozo Law School in New York. Pinni was one of my very few best students in 17 years of teaching, and I pleased to say that he is doing well in law school. He just forwarded a fascinating e-mail from Myers Mermel, former New York State chair of New Yorkers for Huckabee. Mermel points out that McCain/Palin are within 4.2% of Obama. Wow, what a difference a few weeks can make! Mermel is now head of the McCain campaign's grassroots efforts. Mermel is encouraging New Yorkers to go to and sign up for county MEETUPS. Yay!

>Former Huckabee Supporters:

I am sure you have been as encouraged by Gov. Sarah Palin as I have. Her agenda and values are very much like Gov Huckabee's.

The Republican Presidential team of McCain/Palin is now addressing the concerns that we raised during the primaries.

I am writing to ask your help. I have become a part of the McCain campaign and am in charge of our grassroots efforts across New York State. Basically I am in charge of getting out the vote

I have remarkable news. Today Siena released a poll showing Obama was only 4.2% points ahead of McCain in New York State. This lead has been narrowed since June when Obama led by 18 points.

The McCain/Palin ticket is gaining in the polls by gathering the vast support of many Republicans and Democrats across New York State. But we are not there yet. However, we are in the home stretch.

I want to ask you to go back into the fields of politics one more time. We all need your help in order to turn New York into the biggest surprise victory in decades.

Please go to and sign up within your county. I would like you to go to your county and join the local MEETUP group. If there is not a MEETUP group in your county, please form one.

We are trying to get all MEETUP groups to gather around the first debate which is September 26th. From there we will start with targeted get-out-the-vote efforts.

Please consider helping; a lot is at stake. Please let me see you at MEETUP.

For such a time as this,

Myers Mermel

Former Huckabee NY State Chair
McCain/Palin Chair Grassroots NY State

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