Monday, September 15, 2008

Barack Obama for Vice President

I have figured out a way to rescue the Democratic presidential run. Ever since Sarah Palin's nomination was announced, the media has made much of comparing her experience with Mr. Obama's. "She's too inexperienced" complain media pundits, for Governor Palin has two years of executive experience while Senator Obama has none. The comparisons are catching like a California brush fire. Some have suggested that Joe Biden step down and allow Hillary Clinton to replace him as the vice presidential nominee in order to capture the women's vote. At this point, reports Texas Darlin, despite advice to focus on Senator McCain, the Obama team can't stop going after Sarah Palin.

Given the repeated comparisons between Governor Palin and Senator Obama, Senator Biden should step down and Senator Obama should accept the vice presidential nod in place of his current presidential claim. Senator Clinton, who is more appropriately experienced for the nomination could then replace Senator Obama as the presidential nominee.

In that way the Democrats could recapture the women's vote and have an experienced candidate.

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