Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jon Stewart Interviews Gary Johnson


jseverson said...

The Daily Show was a great opportunity and I think Gary Johnson squandered it. It isn't entirely his fault since John Stewart started off the interview asking about Ron Paul. But when I watched it the night it aired, I was very disappointed in his performance in the interview.

How would you come at Obama from the Left? How would you come at Romney from the Right? What are you bringing to the table? For those of us who pay attention to politics, we may already know these answers. But for the folk who haven't heard of him or know little about him, he really didn't say anything with substance to make those viewers more informed about what his platform is and who he is.

By the way, he released a new ad yesterday:

Mitchell Langbert said...

Good points. It's probably hard for Johnson to balance the importance of seeming moderate with the libertarian message. He could have mentioned that Obama oversaw bigger contributions to Wall Street than any prior president has overseen to any industry. He could have also mentioned that Romney created the same health care plan that Obama adopted at the federal level.