Sunday, July 10, 2011

Obama's Waning Popularity Suggests Legacy Media's Waning Influence

Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll indicates that President Obama is vulnerable to a Republican bid. According to Friday's poll, 46% of the public at least somewhat approve of Obama's performance while 53% at least somewhat disapprove.  A minority has consistently strongly opposed him.  The difference been those who strongly disapprove of Obama and those who strongly approve has been negative for some time and the difference is currently a whopping 19% (40% strongly disapprove and just over half, 21%, strongly approve).  But independent voters are the question.  If 51%  at least somewhat approve then Obama will likely win against a Republican.  In my own case, I am not certain that I would vote for a generic Republican like Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann; rather, I would vote for the Libertarian candidate.

Obama's weak to modest poll results fly in the face of incredible residual pro-Obama bias in the legacy media. Obama's policies have completely failed. His money printing, the stimulus, and his preposterous health reform act have failed to restore economic growth and have failed to capture the public's support. A majority of the public continues to disapprove of the ill-conceived health reform act. Nevertheless, the legacy media continues to put a positive spin on his performance and continues to distort economic events surrounding the bailout, the activities of the Federal Reserve Bank, the refusal of Congress to expose the Fed to an audit, and the massive mal-investment that has characterized the American eoconomy for decades and that is slowly leading to an economic and political collapse.

Obama's mess is much bigger than Bush's, but the legacy media says otherwise. Common sense and the bare unemployment statistic expose the legacy media's lies to simple falsification.  Obama's numbers, then, suggest the legacy media's continuing but waning influence.  If Obama's policies, which have failed worse than Bush's, were exposed to the same media spin that Bush's were, Obama's strong approval rating would like be at 4%. That they are at 21% suggests that a good portion of the public is committed to the legacy media's pro-Wall Street and pro-big government ideology. That an additional 25% somewhat approves of Obama shows that, though waning, the pro-Wall Street media still influences many Americans.  But their numbers are getting thinner. In the 1940s, the  pro-Wall Street media was able to manipulate 60.8% to support Roosevelt's failed New Deal; today, the number taking the legacy media's side is significantly less, about 46%.

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