Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mickey Mouse Presents Better News than Jack Cafferty

I was in the gym the other day and someone had turned on CNN.  Announcer Jack Cafferty droned about how terrible Michele Bachmann is, how the Republicans are in trouble, and how all candidates ought to be Progressives. It occurred to me that CNN is not a news channel.   My wife replied that it is more informative than an entertainment show. She was wrong. CNN is less informative than Mickey Mouse.  Listening to six stories about gay rights in a row when the nation is in the clutches of rent extracting special interests and a financial system that is sucking Americans dry financially is not news.  The story about the woman who allegedly killed her baby and then got off is not news either. CNN distracts you. You get more news from books. The chatter of the hour is nonsense.


Mairi said...

You are absolutely correct! I was a news "junkie" for many years. HAD to see the nightly news......went to watching FOX nearly all the time the TV was on....I FINALLY quit watching when O'Reilly stated that BO Sr. probably got Junior's SS# when he was going to Harvard. What a CROCK!
The lies and distortions and obfuscations being perpetrated on the American public have just become far too overwhelming to have deal with. There is so much wrong, and they perform sleight-of-hand with so much garbage that is totally irrelevant to the real problems we are facing, that I just cannot watch any more.
I have to admit, I still have withdrawal symptoms, but I would far rather visit my "trusted" Patriotic sites, like your blog here, than go back to following a dummied up news cycle by a pack of traitors.

Anonymous said...