Saturday, July 30, 2011

Environmental Initiatives Immiserate Town of Olive, Ulster County, USA

The Town of Olive and Ulster County are abuzz about new local environmental regulations that are being pushed by the Obama administration, local Democrats and Republicrats.  The environmental push is coordinated by environmental extremists who have been influencing policy prescriptions since 2008, using as a guide a 1993 book that resulted from a 1992 UN conference called Agenda 21.  The Agenda 21 conference proceedings are obtainable on disk in some university research libraries. The version of Agenda 21 currently on the UN website differs from the Agenda 21 conference proceedings and the original publications.  I have yet to do my homework on the details of the 1992 conference (which requires a trip to the City College of New York), so I am discussing this second and third hand.

Rumors on the Internet claim that Agenda 21 proposed to influence local government through building codes and difficult-to-understand standards that would be pushed through local governments.  The explicit aim is intensive control of society to preserve the natural environment in its current form,  including depopulation of rural areas and concentration of population in urban developments. The recent LEED presentation at the Birchez development is the kind of development that Agenda 21 proposes on a much larger scale, so the radical environmentalist agenda has already made initial inroads.  There is no reason to think that the radical environmentalists who advocate these steps, including Congressman Maurice Hinchey, intend to move all at once. Rather, the implementation of codes and increasing control and elimination of population can proceed over decades.

Both local Republicans and Democrats were present at the Birchez presentation, and we can expect that neither party has your personal or property rights in mind.  The Birchez presentation was disrupted by two protestors, including myself, whereupon four armed police officers outside their jurisdiction escorted us to our car and took down my friend's license plate. We had done nothing wrong and when  a plain clothes police officer (Town of Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley informs me that the officer was NOT from the Town of Ulster) pushed me I said to her, "Please do not touch me or I will call the police."  She responded "I am the police." "Are you the police, or are you one of Hinchey's paid racketeers?" I asked.  Thereupon, an attorney and four police officers followed my associate and me to the car, taking down the license plate.  All the while the attorney peppered us with personal questions, trying to determine who we were. So much for freedom of speech in green-shirted Ulster County. One question: why do the Town of Ulster Police serve as Congressman private interests' muscle men and women?

This week, the Town of Olive announced a meeting on August 8 concerning a bogus strategic plan that claims to have relied on the input of citizens from the August 8 meeting but which I received on July 30. If you read it in the link below you will notice reference to input from the August 8 meeting even though August 8 is a week away. So much for the integrity of the people presenting the plan. I assure you that they did not get any input from anyone who disagrees with radical environmentalism or UN Agenda 21.
LEED, which sponsored the Birchez meeting from which I was evicted,  is currently being touted by the Ulster County Democrats, who have overseen a dismal, declining local economy for the past two decades.  Now, however, the county and localities have the opportunity to implement jobs-and-freedom-destroying regulations that are being proposed locally based on junk, pseudo-scientific environmental nostrums. County Executive Mike Hein was present at the Birchez meeting, but he blames Ulster County's dismal economy on state regulation like SEQRA. But why would anyone locate a plant to a county that buys into the kind of environmental extremism represented by LEED and by the Town of Olive's recent report?  Ulster County has voted an extremist crank like Maurice Hinchey into office for two decades. Why would any businessman in his right mind want to locate  plant here?

I received this e-mail from a concerned citizen:

I know you're up on this, so I thought I'd share some info with you. UN agenda 21 is coming to the Town of Olive in the form of the town's new comprehensive plan. The plan is not yet passed, and the town dems don't even want to vote on it until after the fall election. This plan was done by an outside firm using a $50,000 grant, (30 pieces of silver), from the CWC. So far, this process has been intentionally done under the radar as these wackos don't really want any input, let alone any opposition. We in Olive are planning quite a surprise for them.

It was prepared by this group

Scary reading. 

People from other towns need to be able to spot how and when this process may be taking place in their own towns. Some may want to attend out public meeting on Aug 8 and get a closer look.

I'll keep you posted.

Another local correspondent adds:

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) - which is working under UNAgenda21 which is spreading through local governments all across the U.S..  Here in Red Hook we are being offered a pilot program by Central Hudson to install devices in our house so they can moniitor our energy and control it.  They have sent us notices, did follow-up calls and are having an informtional meeting on Tuesday.  I really don't think people in the Town know what is happening but our freedoms are being taken little by little.

See the article from the Blaze  and listen to the video of  the woman Rosa Koire speaking to a Tea Party about Agenda 21.  She explains it very well.

A third correspondent informs me that 

Public Hearing is 7 PM on August 8 - if you are not heard, you have no one to blame but yourself...

That is, I assume in the Olive Town Hall in Shokan.  That is true. If you do not protest you have no one to blame but yourself.


shutupnsing said...

Great post Mitchell! Amazing stuff afoot my friend! Almost overwhelming, eh?

A Family Radio Alternative said...

Excellent article Mitchell. I was at the meeting last night and it was depressing to see how pompous our "leaders" have become.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone make up a petition and get UN Agenda 21, ICLEI out of Ulster County NOW!