Sunday, July 24, 2011

America No Longer Home of the Free

I have heard from an anonymous source in one of the organizations that rates the degree of freedom in nations around the world that the rating for the US going to fall to approximately 10, i.e., that following the administrations of Barack H. Obama and George W. Bush America is now roughly the tenth freest country in the world, down several notches from the last rating. The source was not willing to divulge the exact ranking but when pressed said that there would be a significant downgrade.

This generation of Americans bears responsibility for putting its commitment to the two party system ahead of its commitment to liberty. That the average American's real hourly wage has not grown in 40 years is due to the ignorant belief that large-scale social programs can outperform a competitive economy in producing gains for the average American. In fact, the stagnation of the real hourly wage began in 1970 or so during the expansion of regulation that began in the late 1960s and continued into the early 1970s.  We can expect further declines thanks to the ignorant policies of Democrats and Progressive Republicans and advocated by the legacy media.

In the late 1940s Friedrich von Hayek described America's path as a road to serfdom. The train is in the station. Americans are becoming serfs, just as Europeans have always been.

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