Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Undetectable Vote Rigging Technology Readily Available with US Election Technology

In a 2004 congressional hearing, a computer programmer, Clinton Eugene Curtis, testifies that Tom Feeney, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, asked him to develop software that could rig election outcomes. The software is easy to develop and may have been used in Ohio. Curtis subsequently unsuccessfully ran against Curtis for his congressional seat. H/t Mairi.

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Mairi said...

Fact is, source code can be placed in these machines that enable an election to go to the highest bidder.
Masters of "source code" like my brother, KNOW how to check these machines, and find out if they are tampered with, and also how to write source code that will NOT allow them to be tampered with. Just in case you question that, my brother is world renowned for the work he does. He and others like him are MORE than willing to protect and "True the Vote", but no one listens.
As long as this continues, elections here will always be available for winning to the highest bidders.
Wake up, America. This is reality!