Monday, December 13, 2010

The Time for Compromise Is Past

I have come to the conclusion that participation in the American political process is a waste of time.  Not that it is not important, but that the current system of government has failed and that further participation in it distracts from more important life goals and political ends.  By political ends I mean radical action and potentially the formation of a new political party.  I am reformulating my ends as a political blogger since I no longer believe that participation in the American political system is productive.  Not that I am anti-American, but rather, the American state has failed and needs to be replaced.  The Anti-Federalists must rise again. Getting involved with political debates about Democrats, Republicans and the like is a waste of time. God Bless America, but the federal government needs to be kicked into hell.


Mairi said...

I have been saying for nearly two years, that my own belief is, 2010 and 2012 elections may already be too late. I absolutely agree with you, Mitchell! Both parties are so corrupted, and progressives are so entrenched, that I also believe it is time to start over. I think we need to go back to probably the early to mid 1800's, prior to the Civil War, and reclaim the Constitution and laws to that point. After the Civil War, I believe that we fell off the "Constitutional Wagon", and got into major trouble.
I remember asking you during the 2008 campaign, if you believed we were facing a Cloward/Piven take-over. I think even you at that time did not believe so. I wonder now if you have changed your mind?
Growing up, America was much different than what I see today. I think, however, that the seeds of America's demise had already been sown. A grade school teacher had told us that Lincoln and Kennedy were both assassinated for taking control of the printing of our currency away from the centralized bank. As a young child, I didn't understand the seriousness of what she had taught us, but I never forgot, because she was a favorite teacher, and many of our classes were not based on information in our text books. Now I understand why!
I hope you had a chance at some point to watch the series of videos I sent to you about who actually is in control, and how it has been evolving for centuries.
The pundits are now talking more and more about the possibilities a third party will form. Not even certain a third party can get us back to the Founding Documents in time. I think the progressives would infiltrate immediately to continue their siege of our government.
I still believe the Founders were geniuses, and Divinely Inspired. Unless we can find our way back to their vision, and GOD'S Government, I'm not sure how we can fix this.
I do know this, Political Correctness MUST end. Time to start speaking the truth, openly and loudly!

Mitchell Langbert said...

Hey Mairi. As you know, the central bank was abolished in 1836. The Civil War led to the creation of the greenbacks and the National Bank Act and also led to the legal tender law which mandates that we accept dollars as legal tender for all debts, making competitive currencies impossible or at least unlikely.

I'm not sure if there's any link between the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations and monetary issues, but who knows.

I don't believe in the theory that Piven, a CUNY professor, and her co-author have the ability to take control of the US. That's kind of silly when you think about it, that a couple of academics who probably can't find the bathroom at the CUNY Graduate Center are running the country.

Rather, the special interests that dominate the nation are a range of corporate, and especially banking, institutions, along with a host of other interests including labor unions, health care, pharmaceuticals, etc. The most powerful among these lobbies, the firms with the most to gain from legislation, is banking and Wall Street, and they have set the agenda for the nation.

The reason the nation is different is that the Federal Reserve Bank was given huge additional monetary creation power while we were growing up, in 1971. It takes decades for this kind of change to materialize, and we are seeing the results now. Much of the government spending that subsidizes the looters, recipients of government handouts, school teachers, other government employees, CUNY professors like Piven and the like is only made possible by the Fed. You are right to emphasize that issue.

Most of the regulation and the increasing power of the US Supreme Court is also facilitated by the Fed.

All of these institutions are strangling America's honest people. Many of the left wing progressives are duped, many are beneficiaries of the system. Hence, it will be an uphill struggle to change anything until the system collapses. At that point, there is a real risk of socialism or its twin, fascism. That is the point at which we will need to resist most vigorously.

Doug Plumb said...

We need to restore natural right and this can only be done by throwing USA into the garbage can, restoring government created money and remembering that America and USA are not synonymous. The United States of America can be abolished (just a corp), replacing the corporation with a new government system that respects humanity & freedom.


Your link did not work. What is the name of this video ?