Sunday, August 22, 2010

Move to Latvia?

Given that nearly half of Americans approve or strongly approve of Obama's performance in the presidency to date (with slightly over half disapproving or strongly disapproving) I have become concerned about my future in the United States. This is not the America to which I was born and it is not the America to which my grandparents and great grandparents moved.  I do not have children, but still, I am concerned that the nation has lost its way badly enough that I need to look into other options, such as eastern Europe.  Although America is still freer than most other countries (some argue that Hong Kong and Singapore are freer), eastern Europe is catching up.  I did a search on Latvia in Google and came up with this photo that appeared in a BBC article.  The article says that blond Latvian women go on this march each year to fight recession.  Although I doubt that the march will stop an economic recession, it looks like my kind of country!

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