Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on St. Joseph Monks' Casket Case

My friend Cortes de Russy just forwarded this e-mail about a few coincidences regarding the monks' casket case about which I recently blogged:

>"I am pleased that you picked up on this; Candace & I have connections from all sides.
"Candace's father spent a number of years at the Abbey studying for the priesthood and my sister lives nearby; we attend Mass there whenever we are in the area.
"Also, as you may recall, I participated with IJ (as a plaintiff) in their successful effort to overturn the limitations that many states imposed on the sale of wine via the internet. We actually won in the Supreme Court. IJ is one of my favorite orgs."
And mine as well! 

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Canada said...

Alicia's story was one of the most touching that, I have ever read. She was a young girl who was faced with many problems financially and emotionally. Being a Jew made it quite difficult when it came to the Nazis. They would mistreat the Jews just because of their race. So you can say that they were quite prejudice. Although she had many deaths in her family, she was able to pull through and continue with her life.