Saturday, June 5, 2010

Malpass for Senate

Raquel Okyay made several damning accusations in her blog yesterday.  Okyay writes that the New York State GOP has nominated a loser, Bruce Blakeman, for US Senate because Alfonse D'Amato is friends with the Democratic candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand and backed Blakeman so Gillibrand could win. "Why is D'Amato standing next to Gillibrand while she announces her candidacy in the above photograph?" Okyay asks.

 Okyay notes that two good candidates, Joe Diaguardi for Senate and Steve Levy for governor, have been "kicked to the curb."  Ed Cox, the colorless state chair, claimed to back Levy, but his motive may have been to give the appearance that he is not part of New York's loser-GOP machine. Levy only won 43% of the vote in a second ballot at the convention but needed 50% to force a primary.  Cox lacked the courage and/or the integrity to  insist that Levy be able to challenge Rick Lazio in a primary. Cox either is incompetent or never backed Levy in the first place, Okyay concludes.  As well, Cox has gone along with   D'Amato's demand for Blakeman for Senate.

The New York Sun blog seems to have been resurrected (Yay!) and they are endorsing David Malpass for Senate. Blakeman edged him out in the convention, but if the state's Republican voters back Blakeman and the ineffectual and corrupt GOP insiders whom he represents then the party is not worth saving.  The Sun writes that the Republican Party "has been waiting for a long time for such a candidate as Mr. Malpass."

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