Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Video on the Flotilla

Saul Alinsky pioneered the use of the media to make one's opponent look bad. The flotilla was a classic Alinsky tactic, and the psychopathic left (including the  Times) and its serial killing allies are eager to capitalize on it. Unfortunately the Isralis fell for the bait. But let us not confuse Alinsky tactics with facts.  The Israelis had boarded the boat and were attacked with one thrown overboard first. 

As far as the announcer's comments on the Times's biased coverage, it has long been obvious that the once-great newspaper can be taken less seriously than the Star or the Enquirer.  The Star doesn't have ideological baggage or the economic interests of the Ochs Sulzbergers to color its articles and has been disciplined through law suits so that its coverage is truthful.  The Times has no such discipline because no one will sue them for telling whoppers on behalf of the bailout and the Obama administration.

Hat-tip Merle Levine:

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