Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zeitgeist--the Movie

I noticed this five-part video on Youtube and embedded it below. It is about 65% accurate, which makes it 65 times more useful than anything you will seen on television news this year.  Rather than take facts from the movie, use it to stimulate reading.  Much of what's in the videos won't be supported by more detailed research.

I don't like the conspiracy theory aspects of these films and wish the implication that 9/11 was a Rockefeller conspiracy had been omitted. That's emabarrasingly absurd.  It is untrue that Robert McNamara said that the Golf of Tonkin attacks "never happened" or were a "mistake". He said that one of them occurred and one of them didn't. You can see this in the 2003 movie/interview Fog of War. There are numerous other mistakes. As well, I found the fifth part to be ridiculous.  Love as a political tactic is fine, but if the public cannot figure out that the Fed is destroying their future I'm not sure what deciding "life is a ride" will accomplish. That said, the movie does open your eyes.

Much of the history is useful, such as the discussion of  Prescott Bush's involvement with the Union Bank and the Nazis and the background of the Fed. Some interesting quotes from Woodrow Wilson are included.  The stuff about chip implants is worth watching.  The comments about the education system's serving as a counterpart to inculcated stupidity via mass media are spot on.

At first I liked the Patriot Act.  Now I don't.  Although I reject conspiracy-based theories I am convinced that government uses war to curtail civil liberties and that this has occurred in the past ten years.  I also see both the Democratic and Republican Parties as well as Congress, the President and the US Supreme Court as threats to my well being that exceed the threats that terrorists pose.  Which is not to say that terrorists don't exist or that they are a figment of Nick Rockefeller's imagination.  But Washington must not be permitted to accumulate power by using terrorism as an excuse.

It is unfortunate that opponents of the Fed fail to follow the KISS strategy--keep it simple, stupid. Occam's Razor is a guide.  That is, the simplest explanation is the best:  "plurality should not be posited without necessity."  Conspiracy theories fail the KISS and Occam's Razor standards and should be chucked.  

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Doug Plumb said...

There is absolutely no doubt that 9/11 was an inside job. The collapses look strange but in an indescribable way.

The buildings should have toppled, the fact that they didn't makes the collapse look like a violation of the second law of thermodynamics - things naturally fall through the path of least resistance.

Explosions occurred from inside the buildings. Security in the buildings was inexplicably shut down.

In July 2001 the Taliban had destroyed the Afghan Opium crops. They were down to 40 billion per year. USA invaded, the exports went soon after up to the norm of 400 billion per year. Now they are at (street value) 700 billion per year. This is from the (socialist/deconstructionist) UN website.

Terrorism as it is explained by the gov, does not make sense. If you have a bully in the yard, do you go and poke him in the eye ? Bullies normally make up reasons to attack their enemies. "Are you looking at me ?"

Zeitgeist leads us into socialism and phoney spiritualism. The second Zeitgeist makes this painfully obvious.