Sunday, May 9, 2010

Washington's War on Men

Wall Street Journal editor David Wessel says on this video, which I picked up from Market Watch, that even when the economy recovers Larry Summers expects one in six men to remain permanently unemployed. This would likely be among the less educated and lower income.  In another Market Watch article Eleanore Goldberg points out that single women purchasing homes outnumber single men purchasing homes two to one.

The Federal Reserve Bank's policies have harmed low-wage workers, squeezing their pay through inflation while subsidizing investment and commercial banks through monetary creation.  I am not so clear why women should be outperforming men in America's declining economy, declining because finance has been massively subsidized at the expense of innovation and hard work.

Men need to make more efforts to learn marketable skills, obviously.  Perhaps false expectations have deluded many men, whereas women have tended to assume that they are at a disadvantage and so tried harder.  America increasingly strikes me as a place much less desirable in which to live than it was several decades ago when, say, I entered college.  I did not dream that so much decline would occur so fast.  Big government and a socialized economy, the policies that American universities advocate, have hammered America into the dust.

Americans need to wake up to the decline and end the socialism with which Washington has harmed so many.

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