Thursday, May 6, 2010

Michelle Obama Describes Barack as a Kenyan in 2007

Article II, section I of the US Constitution states that the president must be a natural born citizen.  The meaning of natural born is subject to numerous interpretations.  These have been debated elsewhere.  In the video below (h/t Contrairimairi) at around 2:00 minutes (fast forward because the speech is painfully dull and the tape is of poor quality) Michelle Obama describes Barack as a "Kenyan."  This is intriguing because he had spent several years in Indonesia, not Kenya.

Perhaps the Democratic Party media's indifference to Mr. Obama's citizenship originates from its ignorance of basic facts.  Recently, a professor I know who reads the New York Times and scoffed at "birther conspiracy theories" was surprised to learn that the Constitution mandates that the president be a natural born citizen.  In other words, this individual has a master's in law from Harvard; reads the New York Times and other Democratic Party media; but was ignorant of basic information, information that any decent high school student should know, about the Constitution

Given the media's incompetence and their readers' poor information base and dismal lack of citizenship skills, it is not surprising that the New York Times's readers can be convinced that it is not constitutionally mandated that the president be a US citizen.  Woe is us.


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