Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Day at the Police Academy

I spent this afternoon at the NYPD's Police Academy on 20th Street between second and third avenues. The executive training department asked me to provide an hour and a half lecture on team building and human resource management to the Captain's Leadership Effectiveness Training Program, which is given to newly promoted precinct captains.  There were about 15 new captains in the group and they were obviously excited about their recent promotions.  Many excellent points were raised.  I have been lecturing at the Police Academy once per year.  I hadn't done my usual executive training seminar because I'm on my Sabbatical, but someone requested that I do this instead.  One of the interesting things I learned today is that crime rates have been sharply cut in New York over the past twenty years. Since 2000 the crime rate has been cut by 60%, including both property and violent crime.  The head of the training program told me that policing has vastly improved in productivity because of new technology.  When I lived in Astoria, Queens in the 1980s, auto theft was common.  That particular crime has been reduced by 90% since then, to less than 10% of the level it was.  The size of the police force has been cut by one fourth since 2000, but crime has been reduced by 60%.  The NYPD is doing a great job.  I am never disappointed by the uniformed services.


Anonymous said...

Priorities... I see you have yours in order.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Actually no. I had made a commitment weeks ago which I regretted when I realized that it interfered with attending the demonstration.

As usual, the Kingston Freeman's numbers are inaccurate. Approximately 500 attended. The Kingston Freeman is not a newspaper as the term used to mean. It is a Democratic Party newsletter, not taken seriously by anyone outside the Democratic fold.

Anonymous said...

I took the day off of work and lost a day's pay. Did you? A leader leads by example.

Mitchell Langbert said...

I am not a leader of the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party that organized the event. I am merely a member. I told Tom I had made a commitment beforehand.

Also, If you lack the stones to tell me who you are, do you think that your advice concerns me?