Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party Meeting an April Surprise

Tom Santopietro continues to surprise Tea Party participants as to his gracious and perceptive leadership.  The Tea Party meeting last night at the Town of Ulster Town Hall was well attended, with about 50 participants. The discussion centered on the upcoming demonstration next Thursday.  Ignoble left wingers have been encouraging each other to infiltrate and ruin the Tea Party demonstrations.  They do not see a parallel between themselves and the harassment the left received from the FBI in the 1950s.
Now that the FBI and the left are allies under the dictatorship of Fuhrer Obama, the left revels in its dictatorial authority as it did in the Soviet Union and China. When the victim of authoritarian tactics, the left reaches for the Constitution, but once achieving power, the left burns it and all concern for human rights.

An attorney attended the Tea Party meeting and gave extensive advice as to how to handle goosestepping left wing harassers.  Last year a leftist stood behind the group carrying an insulting sign over the Tea Partiers' heads.  Suppression of the speech of others is par for Fuhrer Obama and his supporters.

As well, there were extensive discussions about the group's endorsement policies, the education committee reported.

Quite a few new members attended.  Chris Johansen was there as was a reporter, Paul Smart, editor of the Olive Press.

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