Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Obama Goose Step

Gus Murphy of Brooklyn wrote the following letter to the February Olive Press concerning my January letter. My response follows:

Dear Editor,

I found Mitchell Langbert's letter in your January 14th issue quite interesting. His theory that Democrats come in two general categories, a)liars, and b) suckers, was quite persuasive.
But why just Democrats? His theory fits Republicans even better. Republican policies are even more in thrall to large corporate interests over those of common individual citizens.

Personally, it seems to me that Party loyalty most resembles rooting for sports teams; "Yay my team, good, bad, or pitiful." No one ever wonders if the Mets really deserve to win or are really objectively the best -- Mets fans just want to win any way they can.

Gus Murphy
Brooklyn, NY

From: Mitchell Langbert
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 2:10 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Gus Murphy makes an excellent point in your February 11 issue: both parties are culpable for the serious fiscal and monetary decline facing future generations of Americans. George W. Bush engineered a policy whereby a great deal of money, some insiders are saying $14 trillion, was donated to Wall Street. President Obama executed the Bush donation, which has been his chief achievement besides reappointing Robert Gates defense secretary. Of course Obama threw in an extra trillion of "stimulus" to corrupt contractors, such as to the mob-linked construction firm that is building the power plant in Middletown Connecticut that killed five people last week.

But there is one difference between the parties. There is a movement of Republicans called the Tea Party which rejects the big business- and special interest-linked Republican leadership. I have been at two well-attended meetings of the Kingston Tea Party. At the Tea Party, complaints about George W. Bush are as frequent as complaints about Barack H. Obama. On the other hand, I know of no large group of Democrats who have not goosestepped behind Obama every step of the way. Indeed, the Wall Street-financed media, starting with MSNBC and CNN, have made every effort to paint the Tea Party as violent extremists because they threaten the Bush-Obama, Republican-Democratic Wall Street-Washington equilibrium.

Where are the Democrats who protest Obama's massive subsidy to Wall Street? I can tell you where we Republicans are. I can also tell you where plenty of Obama-cheering limousine liberals are. But where are the Democrats who don't like $14 trillion subsidies to special interests?


Mitchell Langbert


Anonymous said...

The Tea Party.

Do not insult my intelligence Dr. Langbert.

Mairi said...

My guess is....maybe you have no intelligence to insult. First you hide behind your anonymity. I read the article you linked. I find it pitiful. Americans are correct to expect strong, enforced immigration laws. The numbers of illegals in this Country are a huge drain on our already fragile systems.
I would direct you to this link:
That's an old one. You can find many articles about the costs of this blight on just California, but it is problematic across this Nation.
This quote is from a newer article dated in Feb of this year,"Federal law decrees that every child is entitled to attend public school, regardless of immigration status. And every person -- here illegally or not -- must be cared for in hospital emergency rooms." This is why the claim that illegals would not benefit from the Health Care Legislation was such a lie.
One of the enumerated powers granted to the federal government in the Constitution provides for defense. I feel the influx of undocumented persons is cause for alarm. It has a direct impact on this Nation and should fall under the auspices of "Defense". For the most part, we no longer even know who these infiltrators are, but ask many along the borders, and they just might confirm that most are not here on best intentions.
Sarah Palin, again IMHO, is an inspiration to bring Trig with her while she is able. Soon enough, even Trig will be required to go to school, and Sarah may not have an opportunity then to have him with her as she travels. I see Sarah as a mother who is not ashamed of her young son. She loves him, and as much as is feasibly possible, tends to him herself. That speaks volumes to mothers about her own selfless dedication to a child who could easily be swept out of the public eye, out of his mother's way, and nearly forgotten. I think you see her dedication to that sweet child rather pessimistically, as a Mom, I do not.
As far as Tom Tancredo, I think he is a man of some vision. While still serving, he attempted to pass legislation which would forbid Shariah in this Country. Alas, if many news articles are correct, it is already here. Now, we will have to work even harder to stop it, instead of nipping it in the bud. Thanks for one more thorn in our side, AIG!
Mitchell does an excellent job of keeping people informed here. I find your linked article to be far more insulting than anything posted here.

Anonymous said...

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