Monday, February 8, 2010

Connecticut Democrats Pollute and Now Kill

The Hartford Courant's Dan Harr states in the above video that the Connecticut plant that exploded, killed five and harmed at least 14 other people today was funded with one billion dollars in financing from Goldman Sachs last year. As well, its development depended on political relationships involving Connecticut's Democratic Party leadership. The plant is, in fact, a government financed boondoggle. Connecticut taxpayers were already on the hook for $340 million over 15 years to ensure payments to Goldman Sachs's creditors or derivatives holders. One sees links among government, investment banking and criminally-linked construction firms in this tragedy.

Dan Riehl of Riehl World View (h/t Larwyn) notes that three Democratic politicians, Vice President Biden, Congressman Jim Himes and Senator Christopher Dodd, were introduced by Craig Miller, an employee of the firm that is building the plant as a government-linked contractor, O&G Industries, at another of its sites funded through stimulus money. According to Rob Varnon, staff writer for, the developer, Phil Armetta, "was indicted by a federal grand jury alongside other owners of trash hauling businesses as part of the same federal investigation." I suppose his assistants were named Paulie Gaultieri and Silvio Dante.

Varnon adds:

"the plant was controversial from conception mainly on environmental grounds, though some questioned the involvement of the primary developer, Philip Armetta, a politically connected businessman." Varnon adds about the plant:

"environmentalists were concerned about spills of fuel or other discharge, especially into the Connecticut River.

"One group gathered 600 names opposing the plant in 2002 because of concerns about the impact on wetlands in the area and whether it would limit access to nature trails running through the Maromas area."

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