Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Made A Mistake Donating to The McCain Campaign

Last year I donated to the McCain campaign. When I did, I did not realize that McCain is a Roosevelt-Rockefeller-Bush Republican, i.e., supporter of incompetent big business, friend of government waste, stupidity and opponent of the free market. My neighbor, Clayton, remarked today that McCain aims to take over the Republican party in order to advance his extremist views.

I made a major blunder last year contributing to McCain. I have resolved to focus on local and county elections, and possibly state elections if a reasonably enlightened candidate who aims to slash government spending by 10% or more decides to run. The current Republicans on the national level are moronic socialists, essentially Democrats, and I have no interest in them. Unless a good candidate for president appears, in three years my money will go to pay off my car loan. I can't afford to contribute to loot-and-spend reactionary extremists like McCain.


marry said...

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Captain Steve said...

McCain Feingold, unsecured borders, calling water-boarding torture, amnesty for illegals, and supporting all the bailouts should have been enough for people to see that McCain had serious big-government lefty tendencies going wayyyyyyyy back. The N.Y.Times endorsement should have really done it, but better late than never! Conservatives need to unite!