Monday, October 5, 2009

Current Projects

The National Association of Scholars called this morning and asked me to blog on their new Wordpress blog. The NAS is an organization for conservative academics. I will start blogging there. I also blog for the Republican Liberty Caucus and have been writing a column for the AI-CPA Career Insider newsletter.

Moreover, I had lunch with Robin Vaccai Yess on Saturday. Robin is the executive director of the Ulster County Republican Committee. Robin asked me to put together an e-mail newsletter for the Ulster County Republicans and I will be working on that.

I am currently finishing a paper on the tenure of university presidents. Marc Fox and I have been working on a paper on university presidents' salaries that is nearly done. I also have some additional research projects, including a book, to get cracking on.

So my plate is full.

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Phil Orenstein said...

You're sounding more and m ore like me, Mitch. We both have to learn how to say no.