Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ask Your State Republican Committee Chair: Does The Democratic Press Support You?

Let's say you're a fan of a Superbowl 43 football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and that the name of the Steelers' coach is Mike Tomlin. Let's say the other team's, the Arizona Cardinals', coach's name is Ken Whisenhunt. Let's also say that the month before Superbowl 43, the Arizona media ran repeated headlines saying what a great coach Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh is and how lucky America is that Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt are the two teams' coaches. If you were a Pittsburgh fan, might you wonder why?

In recent months the nation's leading Democratic Party newspaper, the New York Times, whose editorial views are well within the Democratic Party's socialist wing, has had nothing but positive things to say about the New York State Republican Committee's new chair, Edward F. Cox. Might Republicans have cause to wonder about this?

Why on earth would a socialist Democratic propaganda source be saying that it likes Edward F. Cox?

Dear reader, I propose to you that Republicans and Democrats are like two superbowl teams that compete every year. On one end of the field are the Democratic Party socialists, ham-handed medieval reactionaries, advocates of mid-twentieth century style "planning" whose only solution to the problems of the world is to tax the productive out of existence and reward the welfare cheats on Wall and Broad.

On the other end of the field are the Republicans, supporters of progressive, market-based innovation and spontaneous order. The advocates of ideas that work, not of feudalistic ideas that deceive.

But if the coach of the socialist Democrats praises the Republican coach to the heavens, might we conclude that the teams are not really independent, that something is crooked?

I urge you to determine whether the Democratic Party press and electronic media in your town is supporting Republicans. If so, you might ask yourself, "Why?" "Why are the Democrats supporting Republicans?"

In the case of New York, questions need to be raised about why the new chair of the Republican Committee is being praised by the socialist Democrats, and whether Mr. Cox has been on the receiving end of socialist largesse while an attorney.

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