Friday, February 13, 2009

The Stock Market Decrements Incompetence of Democrats, Obama

The stock market fell on Wednesday despite rising consumer sales and lower unemployment. Today, it was down for most of the day but then ended approximately even. The Fed has laid the ground work for a major rally, yet investors remain nervous. In fact, the Fed has done so much to transfer wealth from the general American public to Wall Street and stock holders that one can truly say that America's stock holders have become the chief welfare beneficiaries of all time. Yet, they continue to spurn this gift.

The reason, of course, is that the Democrats turned the massive subsidization of Wall Street into a more general pork-and-graft bill.

It is likely that the markets are discounting the ever-more-evident failure of American democracy; the evident stupidity of the American Congress; the incompetence of the public in electing the current government; and, most of all, the incompetence of Wall Street publicists, the New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc.

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