Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Irony of Franklin D. Roosevelt and America's Mainstream Publicists

The irony of Franklin D. Roosevelt is, of course, that Herbert Hoover and he took an economic downturn that should have taken two years to correct, and turned it into an eleven year drama. Then, the American media, historians and "Progressives" claimed that he was a hero for the drawn out harm that he caused.

Now, America has another opportunity to do harm to itself for even less reason than in the 1930s, and once again the dull witted American public buys every confidence scheme that Wall Street and its publicists offer.

I have come to the conclusion that a better term for "media" is "publicists". I had been using "pissant propagandists" but "publicists" captures the media's commitment to serving as a publicity department for America's third rate business community, inept banking community and of course the all-thumbs incompetents on Wall Street.

I have pretty much stopped following the acrobatics of America's moronic publicists and its dim witted discussion of the even dimmer witted "bailout". However, I am even more disturbed that the greedy, easily manipulated asses, apes woodpeckers and chimpanzees who constitute America's failed electorate have been granted the unlimited right to vote for representatives who adopt policies that neither representatives nor voters understand.

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