Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tax Exempt Bonds for Robert Congel

Larwyn just forwarded this article from the Washington, DC Examiner. It is refreshing to see the kind of moral leadership that the Democrats can provide.

>The former first lady in 2004 pushed legislation providing tax-exempt bonds for developer Robert Congel, and another measure providing $5 million for road construction that helped a Congel project. At about the same time, he gave $100,000 to former President Clinton's foundation. Congel has also made multiple donations to Sen. Clinton’s campaigns, according to FEC records.

This story augurs ill for Barack Obama's infrastructure plans. Not that I oppose improvement of infrastructure. It is a state-level responsibility, and the federal government isn't competent to the task, nor is it honest enough.

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Anonymous said...

Carol Browner member of the Socialist party is Obama climate czar. She will make sure we break our oil addiction and insure Paulsen, Pelosi, Gore and T Boone do well with their hedge funds by saving the planet of course.

Robert Rubin and his 122 billion ponzi scheme while at Citibank, Rubins son is a adviser and a chief fund raiser for Obama.

Eric Holder who had the responsibility to oversee pardons but did not know what pardons were going on during Clinton's last days. Now we find out he was a private attorney for the AUC terrorists? He stated there was no universal definition for what terrorists or terrorism is so he wanted the case dismissed?

Hillary to add to her credibility problems, bailout money was given to AIG, Lehman, Merrill Lynch, the Citi Foundation and General Motors have also given large donations to Bill Clinton's library and his foundation.

Tim Geithner nominee for the Treasury Department doesn't pay taxes but that is nothing according to Reid.

I can't remember the adviser who was fired and is now back with the socialist party ties.

Then the one who was fired and then hired again to go and speak with Hamas. That probably did not go well since there has been fighting since that time.

Obama has surrounded himself with people who will look the other way. Who are they to question him?

If any of these people were republicans they would be tarred and feathered and run out of town by Pelosi and her ilk. For the libtards they fit just fine.