Friday, January 16, 2009

Economic Stupidity In One Lesson: The Bush-Obama Stimulus Plan--Only Cretins Could Conceive It

I just received the following e-mail from Nancy Razik. It breaks my heart to watch the United States of America implode in an orgy of self-indulgent stuipidity via the bailout/stimulus plan. One of the nation's problems is that Americans keep voting for graduates of Ivy League universities who, due to the "education" they receive, are economic illiterates. Better to select a random name from the Phoenix phone book to be president than the crew on which the American electorate has decided. The Federalists were right. Democracy is a failure. We need to go back to the state legislatures electing Senators and closed party caucuses.

Nancy Razik writes:

>Do you think BO is playing on the greed of the American people... ?

We know we are bankrupt, yet we will cash our checks anyway...?

What if we did something patriotic with this money... ?

Any ideas.....?

If we spend money we don't have, our country will suffer financial ruin and we will all be co-conspirators...

We the People will bring about our own destruction...

I believe this is BO's plan...

After America is bankrupt, he and his terrorist friends can move in and take over...

What can we do to be a blessing to our nation and not a curse... ?

Just want your feedback~


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