Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Contrairimairi Responds to White-Hooded Blogger

A pro-Obama blog calls me names ("trembling hellcat") for posting Contrairimairi's e-mails, and, like a white sheeted Klansman scurrying in the shadows of cyberspace, relies on anonymity. Methinks the lad must be a "progressive"! Perhaps when the inflation rate hits 12% our name-calling Klansman will not be so enthusiastic about the "change" that Mr. Obama and his backers have in mind.

Contrairimairi just forwarded this e-mail that responds to the name-caller's posts concerning her e-mails:

>Whoever the poor obamabot is posting at a website questioning posts regarding Obama's family, and references to the Ford Foundation, should really get a grip.

>First, many, many kudos to Mitchell Langbert who lists who he really is at this site. He also has a host of websites that are of like opinion, and who work in concert to get to the truth in the news. I will not even mention who the other blogger is, because I would hate to direct any poor soul to his blog. He is unidentified, and has a whopping total of FOUR, yes, you read that correctly FOUR back-up blogs. What a pathetic obamabot he is. Hope the O is paying him well for his derelict services.

>He had a major problem with the transferring of Oyama Mabandla to a possible Mayandla ( nickname Maya?) Obama. He also doesn't seem to realize that very often in American culture, last names list first. (Actually he appears ignorant enough to never have attended school where so often last names are used first.) He hasn't a clue how many times we have found the family names juxtaposed just enough to give a hint it might actually BE someone other than a family member. Like Soetoro being changed to "Sutoro". Unfortunately for this person, we are wise to the game. He should read posts at the many sites who back up Mitchell. He might finally be "educated".

>I noticed he made no reference to what the "actual" Mayama Obandla was up to. Guess what.....the man linked to the same address as big O's mama has joined a group of land speculators in Africa. I'll bet they are busily getting their hands on every piece of property they are able to. Funny, because Oyama worked for just one year at an African airlines that had FINALLY turned a profit just before he took the reigns. A year later, and I believe a tidy sum of money later as well, the airlines did go belly up, and Oyama was gone to buy up properties. AMAZING!

>Of course, the obot never makes mention of why anyone would suspect that the name change seems more than fairly plausible due to the number of apparent aliases used by everyone in the SAD and O family. He also never takes the time to mention that the crux of the article was regarding the microfinancing that was going on, and most probably, not just in Indonesia. Loan a poor woman $70.00 to buy a sewing machine to hang all her family's hope on, and when or if she defaults, own the very ground on which she lives. If he had even bothered to check further, he would have found out all the properties found so far, (I am sure many are still missing from the public eye, but I trust that with the number of people still working on this, more will be found) that seem to end up in the hands of the SAD family under whatever name they are using at that moment in time.

>I know the little obot is worried about the suggestion of organ trafficking, but "sad" (no pun intended) to say, it is a means for people in third world countries to make money, and one has to just think that the numbers of doctors whose names are connected to SAD's "hints" (it was only a suggestion, not a full-fledged accusation) of what so many of us, who have seen how disgusting so much of this truly is, need to worry about. Let's just say.......we wouldn't be surprised.

>Poor little obot. If you had been able to DISprove anything, I might have had enough respect for you to post on your blog. However, after visiting your site, I was overcome with laughter. Those of us who KNOW how you bots act, are far too intelligent to fall for your idiocy. Honestly......FOUR "back-up blogs". My suggestion.... Get a REAL life!

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