Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jim Crum, Patriot, E-mails Department of Justice, Requesting Investigation of Barack Obama

I just received a copy of this e-mail addressed to the Department of Justice from Mr. Jim Crum, patriot.

>Please consider this email a formal request to investigate the source of funding into Mr. Obama's campaign.

This has been a point of discussion by many ordinary citizens who have a vested interest in who is funding our politicians. Such a large sum of money, virtually unaccounted for, and unaudited, is a source of potential trouble for our republic. We have the right to know who is funding any candidate, and the candidates ought to have the obligation to be completely transparent in who giving them money. It is also illegal to accept money from foreign governments.

It now appears that several of your own staff members have expressed enough alarm to go outside of the normal channels. This story has legs, and you need to get in front of this before people begin to ask questions of your own competency.

Here's a guideline when it comes to ethics: if you even have to ask the question, then you are in a poor position. We have now arrived at that point.

Kindly do your jobs.

Jim Crum

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