Monday, September 29, 2008

Steve From Washington Does Obama Inquiry

Steve wrote:

> Mitchell,
> Thank you for the great work you are doing. I tried to follow the FOI blog and was hoping to see the result of the requests to the Hawaii officials regarding the COLB. What happened? I was going to launch my own when I saw that others had already done so. I have also been in contact with the Washington Secretary of State regarding verification of the Candidates qualifications for Office and am working with an attorney to request proof by original or certified documents.

> Also, beyond the Certificate of Live birth issue, do we know for sure what hospital he was claimed to have been born in? Is the hospital record available but not disclosed?

> Steve Marquis
> http://www

My response:

Thanks for your kind words and thank for your work in Washington. I am sorry to say that none of the government agencies have responded to my inquiries. Only the NY State Bd. of Elections even acknowledged receiving my letter. One more example of government incompetence and indifference to democracy. I do not think even the name of the hospital is known with certainty. I have heard that Obama himself has mentioned two different hospitals, and that people have inquired and the secrecy level in Hawaii is so high that no one is willing to talk.

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